How we are approaching COVID-19 & how to safeguard your business

March 19th, 2020 Posted by alastair, blog, Press release 0 comments on “How we are approaching COVID-19 & how to safeguard your business”

written by alastair barlow [blog]

Hope you’re doing well and combatting any cabin fever you may be feeling working from home the past week! In this blog post I wanted to talk about how we are approaching COVID-19 at flinder & how you can safeguard your business in the months ahead.

We have created a notion wiki page which will reference valuable information for UK businesses on the COVID-19 situation. We have broken down our wiki into the following sections:


1. Introduction: How to use this wiki

2. Risk assessment

3. Detailed impact assessment

4. Business continuity planning

5. People

6. Cashflow

7. HMRC & government support

8. Compliance reporting

9. Accountants: ACCA Coronovirus hub

10. Appendix: Tools available for download

11. Appendix: Useful links and other reading


This wiki is live and will remain as up to date as possible – I suggest you bookmark this page to not miss out on anything in this fast changing environment we find ourselves in.

You can open the wiki here.

Feel free to share this and use any information.