everything you need to grow your business

a small change can have a profound impact

a better way to manage your finance function

allowing you to do what you do best, manage your business
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save time

let us take care of your accounting, compliance and management reporting to free you up to focus on what you set out to do, run your business. you can stop wasting your valuable time on accounting and focus on your business strategy

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save money

you could pay a bookkeeper, a controller, a CFO, their training, office equipment, software, downtime and an external accountant. or you could use us! full time knowledge without having to pay for it around the clock; pay for what you need, nothing more.

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grow your business

we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. in other words we know what works. together with our business advisors and our rich management information we will give you insight you never knew was possible.

“flinder consistently go above and beyond – always delivering to the highest standard. for us they are far more than accountants – they are truly a partner in our business.”
michael wallace
ceo, oms
“flinder have been game-changers for us…the support we receive from the whole team is incredible. they have become part of our team, not just an extension of it..”
simon green
ceo, green rock
“I’ve been so impressed with the dedication, workrate, and overall commitment of the team and cannot recommend them highly enough – keep being awesome!”
euan blair
ceo, whitehat
“I find flinder to be most advanced accounting solution out there.”
denis shafranik
board member, tnc

if you’re ready, contact one of our team to find out more

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