the flinder effect™

9 pillars of finance function excellence™

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the flinder effect is our way of running and transforming the outdated finance function to a world-class, technology-enabled and data-driven finance function that leverages fit for purpose processes and empowered finance staff delivering an efficient, well-controlled finance function that delivers insight that is aligned to the business strategy.

Our methodology to reach finance function excellence

Our 9 Pillars of Finance Function Excellence cover: vision, strategic objectives, efficiency, control, insight, people, processes, technology & data


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time consuming


delivered late

  • due to inefficient processes or lack of automation, information is often delivered late or if delivered on time, too much time is spent on preparation and not enough time on interpretation.
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multiple versions

  • Running multiple applications without a single source of the truth (SSOT) strategy leads to stakeholders working from different numbers.
  • Limited confidence; through manually prepared information there is a lot of noise and wasted effort discussing the validity of the numbers rather than what they mean.

finance only

detailed explanation

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no interpretation

  • Businesses are demanding more from their finance functions – increased meaning and interpretation along with their already increased expectation on performance reporting.

lacks relevance

detailed explanation

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