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accounting reinvented
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systems & data

we will assess your requirements and recommend the best finance system for you, now and in the future. we will set your system up and/ or review your data structures – this is key to getting the most out of your data
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accounting stuff

our service centre will take care of all your accounting headaches, from bookkeeping & vat through to annual accounts, tax and company secretarial. our lean processes are state of the art, giving you a hassle-free experience
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game changing mi

with our rich management information dashboard and reporting, tailored to your business goals, we will transform the way you view your business to help you make better forward-looking decisions
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business advisor

our business advisors, who are qualified accountants and experienced business professionals, will help you problem-solve the challenges of your business (not just answer finance questions)

simple, transparent pricing for everyone (from just £500 per month)

systems & data

diagnostic & functional requirements assessment

understanding your business is fundamental to working together and providing our quality service. we will hold an initial session to understand your business and what functional & system requirements you have. this will drive what systems features & data structures you need and what processes should be in place.

review existing set up

if you are using an existing finance system we will assess if there are any gaps to what your functional needs now and in the future are. if your system is fit for purpose, we will review the way in which it is set up to enable you to get the most out of it. we will recommend changes to things like the chart of accounts and data structure if we think this will help your business get better information.

build, implement & cutover

whether you need a new system or simply improvements to your existing system, we will build, implement and cut over all your data from your previous finance system. if you agree to our recommendations to your existing system we will proceed to implement these too.

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accounting stuff

well controlled & efficient processes

as a scale-up or established business it’s important that you are well controlled; which means having the right processes and controls in place. however it’s a fine balance between appropriate controls and maintaining efficiency so as not stifling growth. we have a particular specialism in finance function optimisation through working with some of the largest multinationals in the world. efficient process will also save you time as well as ensuring the right information is captured first time.

keeping you compliant

as company director, you are ultimately responsible for complying with regulatory requirements. but we understand it’s important you have the support needed to do this! we will take care of all your compliance needs, from completing your annual financial statements and tax return to maintaining your company registers and processing payroll. all we will need from you is to approve a few things.

we do the work

businesses should focus on what they are good at; accounting is our passion so let us take care of it for you. your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent on pulling together mi or preparing month end papers, especially when it’s likely to take you a lot longer than us! we are here to take the hassle away from you, not add to it, which why we won’t ask you to do things like code invoices!

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rich management information – tailored to your business, your systems and you’re goals

game changing mi

cloud based

our management information is cloud based so there is no need to install desktop applications, you can access your management information on the go using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. and because our mi is cloud based we integrate with over 100 other cloud based applications such as xero and salesforce but it doesn’t stop there, we can also get your data through file sharing services, business databases or simply uploading files.

tailored to your business

no two businesses are the same meaning their management information needs are also different. we start by understanding your strategy and align your bespoke management information your strategy, strategic objectives, data sources available in your business and the way in which you like to view it.

financial & non financial

quite simply, better decisions are made when combining financial & non financial data sources together – it gives you a fuller understanding of your business so you can make more informed forward-looking decisions. we also look to segment your data where possible to to drill even further into trends giving even greater transparency and understanding of what is going in within your business.

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The old way and the new way to show management accounts and information with spreadsheet and graphs
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business advisor

qualified accountants

all our business advisors are qualified accountants. in this role we combine commercial experience with accounting expertise giving you the best of both worlds. your business advisor will be able to translate the impact of what’s going on in the financial and operational world of your business and how these interlink giving you a much richer understanding of your business. and of course, we are also perfectly placed to deal with any technical accounting issues you will encounter as your business grows.

experienced business professionals

our team has a range of experiences across different sectors and segments having worked with hundreds of incredible businesses, from startups to multinationals. we draw on those experiences to provide you what you need from us, whether it’s standard business services, workshops, business plans, mi or just discussions on some of your challenges, to name a few. you can also use our experience to help prepare for investor pitches or presenting to your bank. we are here to help your business evolve. (we can also help you in the pitch!)

business challenges

we will help you problem-solve the challenges of your business (not just answer finance questions). where other firms are restricted with how much advice they can give you and in what area, we are not. we know how frustrating it can be to be shown a long list of what can’t be done because of a service level agreement or independence restrictions. ultimately we are there to support you in your growth journey, which is what we do.

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