5 reasons why you should join flinder!

We’re flinder 🦋, nice to meet you. Despite all the technology we use (and we use a lot), we’re a people business. And so with our team being the engine for growth, we work really hard to attract the best talent and to empower them with challenging and fulfilling work. We created a business that we would want to work in so here’s a glimpse of what it looks like…


Be part of the story :rocket:

We’re a young company with huge ambitions and lots to achieve. You have the opportunity to be part of the journey from an early stage and be part of something amazing. We’ve got a huge mission, an incredible team and amazing growth. But it’s not just about our growth, it’s about yours.


Annual ski trip: flinderTakesThePiste :skier:

Each year, the team travels to the Alps to decamp for some fun on the slopes. As well as a great amount of fun learning to ski and snowboard together, we also discuss the business strategy and share ideas. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other better, coach and support in a more natural environment.


Be better at what you do: The Difference :star-struck:

The Differenceâ„¢ is our methodology to creating the experience at flinder that makes us very different to any other accounting firm. It emphasises the value we place on our team and how important the people development is to us. The Differenceâ„¢ covers our values, skills matrix, core competencies our own training academy to turn you into the best professional you can be.


 Be part of something bigger :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We’re on a mission to transform the profession into a more progressive future to create greater insight for businesses empowering better decision-making. In our short history, we’ve won a number of awards, inspired others in the profession and helped set a new direction for accounting to include the power of data.


An awesome place to work :i_love_you_hand_gesture:

As well as flinderTakesThePiste, we have a great culture owned by the team. From our kick-ass socials such as white-water rafting, shuffleboard competitions, escape rooms or just pizza in the office to the way we support each other to develop through real-time feedback and structured development programs and opportunities that are only limited by imagination, we’re creating something different in accounting and finance.

Featured roles

Finance manager – London

Senior Associate – London

See below for some videos of what life at flinder is really like, from our team, our clients and our ski trips!

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