our mission

helping businesses evolve

we’re a couple of entrepreneurs that happen to be accountants

and we want to change the way accounting is done. read our story below

we are 2 entrepreneurs that happen to be accountants. our journeys began separately with us both training in small accounting practices where our love of working with growing businesses began. we both made moves to PwC and worked in different capacities (through cycles in assurance and consulting) where we first met as founding members of the My Financepartner team. with a combined 25 years experience working with growing businesses and getting the bug working with entrepreneurs; we decided to create flinder, combining our passion of helping other businesses grow, whilst creating our own.

oh, and the name? it’s phonetically dutch for butterfly because we want to help your business evolve

(and remember, a small change can have a profound impact)

our values


we are creators, leaders and self-starters. always looking for new things and like to challenge convention


we are genuine to ourselves our values and tell it how it is. we are always honest and as transparent as we can be


we pride ourselves on our quality and deliver on what we say we will and to the highest standard possible


we never settle, we’re always looking forward. we get shit done and we get it done well


we are passionate about self-development & communication. we promote a thoughtful & social environment bursting with energy

if these resonate, then maybe we should chat?
we’re probably a bit like you…
we got itchy feet and wanted to start something ourselves. we saw a gap in the market and wanted to do things a little differently. we wanted to reinvent accounting and be more, well, us. we wanted to do things that are not always possible in a large corporate. we wanted to use cool technology to really help businesses grow and we wanted to have absolute control of our own destiny…
…actually, we’re probably a lot like you!

founding partners

Head shot of Alastair Barlow wearing open neck shirt

alastair barlow FCCA

founding partner

alastair is a passionate visionary who has set up a number of businesses, helped develop PwC’s My Financepartner, built the team in london & south east and led it until he left to set up flinder. his background in accounting and consulting mixes well with his passion for entrepreneurship to help businesses reach their potential. alastair’s passions are snowboarding, cycling and above all else, his daughter! read more


Head shot of Luke Streeter blue shirt and blue tie

luke streeter ACA

founding partner

luke was a founding member of PwC’s My Financepartner and led one of the key accelerator relationships in london, before leaving to set up flinder. his technical background in accounting combined with his passion for start-ups and growing businesses means you get the practical answers and insight you need to grow. luke also has a passion for skiing and is a special constable. read more


we’re hiring! if you share our values then take a peak at our opportunities

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