This is how we view and transform the finance function.

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written by alastair barlow [blog]

Every company has a talent, Apple make beautiful products, ,Google do search and Amazon delivers, well anything…
While maybe not to the same scale, flinder transforms and runs finance functions! 
But how do we do this? It’s all in our approach: The flinder Effect – let me tell you more…


There are so many challenges in the finance function these days. From investor relations to risk management and a lot in between. One of the most poorly performing areas of the finance function is reporting; our experiences of working with all sizes of companies, in all sectors across the world are that reporting is often:

  • time-consuming
  • delivered late
  • contains only finance information
  • minimal interpretation; and
  • overall lacks relevance because it’s not aligned to the strategy of the business.

Our methodology breaks the finance function down between:

• How we assess and run it (9 Pillars of Finance Function Excellence)
• How we transform it (5D Transformation Methodology)

However, we always start with the business vision and strategy – where does your accountant start?
Learn more about how The flinder Effect can drive growth in your business here.