improve your management information

free one-on-one mi reporting requirements workshop

focus on exactly what your business needs to make better, more informed decisions

walk away with clear objectives, business relevant kpis & metrics and a complete reporting blueprint
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stakeholder objectives

clearly identify objectives by stakeholder group & the questions stakeholders are looking to be answered through improved reporting to support better, more informed decisions making

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kpis & metrics

together, we will identify the kpis & metrics that matter most to the various stakeholder groups to answer their questions. fundamentally, these should involve financial, operational and other non financial metrics

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reporting blueprint

as a takeaway we will provide you with a blueprint for your reporting requirements. this will include kpis, metrics, frequency of report, format, automation, style & critically data sources

p.s. it’s free!

typical agenda


 workshop objectives

 power of benchmarking

 identify stakeholder groups

 current reporting feedback

 stakeholder group objectives, questions needing answers & why

 reporting features

 identify metrics, kpis & data sources

 design (full day workshop only)

 wrap up

fill in the application form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours

the workshop

what’s included

 clarity around objectives by stakeholders

 what’s working well in current reporting

 what’s not working well in current reporting

 identify kpis & metrics bespoke to your business

✓ reporting blueprint for next steps

what’s not included

location – we use your office

report build – we provide the blueprint

lunch – we have been known to bring snacks!

we recommend 2 – 3 hours depending on the number of stakeholders and business complexity

professionally facilitated by subject matter experts

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