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perfect for small to medium sized businesses

choose a plan that’s right for your business

no hidden costs or surprises. cancel or change your plan at any time.

mi startup


 business objectives workshop
 development of mi requirements
 mi storyboard design
 instruction & training
 real-time mi
 up to 2 data feeds
 up to 4 dashboards

mi startup pro


all mi startup features, plus:
 quarterly business advisor support

mi scale up


 business objectives workshop
 development of mi requirements
 mi storyboard design
 instruction & training on mi pack
 real-time mi
 up to 4 data feeds
 up to 8 dashboards

mi scale up pro


all mi scale up features, plus:
 monthly business advisor
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monthly add ons


transaction bundle (x50)

if you're transaction heavy for our plans, you can add more with this service



payroll bundle (x5)

if you're people heavy for our plans, you can add more with this service



legal entity bundle (x1)

if you have more than one entity in you group, you can add more with this service



mi additional feeds/dashboards (x1)

if your rich in data and need more insight, you can add more feeds/dashboards with this service



flinder perks bundle (x5)

if you want to reward your people with perks, add this service



hr management

if you want to manage your people with our cloud based hr tool, add this service

from £25/month

one time add ons


finance director support (x0.5 days)

if you need more regular strategic support, you can add more with this service

£600/half day


finance process manual

if you need improved financial control and a process manual developed, you can add this service

from £3,000/manual


strategy workshops (x1 day)

if you need help developing your strategy, you can add this service



business plan

if you need help to develop or write your business plan, add this service

from £4,500/plan



predicting the future is hard! choose this service if you want our support

from £3,500/forecast


personal tax return

if you need support with your personal tax return, we can help you with this service

from £200/return


r&d tax credits

doing something special? we can help you claim back your tax with this service

20% contingent

prices are in GBP and exclude VAT and any reasonable out of pocket expenditure. the above is highly indicative, however, we reserve the right to assess the complexity of your business prior to contracting with you. from time to time we also reduce our fees in exchange for equity. see our terms of business for more information. revenue is likely to be counted as only one transaction if you use an operational system to manage your sales.

if you’re ready, contact one of our team to find out more

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