flinder team sitting on snow in Morzine after skiing

our different kind of strategy session

February 19th, 2018 Posted by blog, team 0 comments on “our different kind of strategy session”

written by chris agnew & maryna irzhanenko [blog]

Think of a company strategy day and you think of sitting in a dingy conference room somewhere, listening to someone’s monotonous tone read slide after slide from a dated PowerPoint presentation.

Well, at flinder we like to do things a little differently! We replaced the constrained and uninspiring conference room for the fresh mountain air and ski slopes of Morzine in the French alps (along with a beautiful chalet and outdoor hot tub too!).

Our days were filled with skiing, and our evenings with collaborating on our strategy for the coming years. It was a great opportunity for all voices and opinions to be heard, and for everyone to get a chance to shape the future of our company in a very real way; rather than it just be one directional, we were asked for our thoughts on the business and our opinions really felt like they were valued and taken into account. The timing of the trip couldn’t have been better combining it with the one-year anniversary of the company right in the middle of the week (with plenty of Champagne to celebrate), and giving us the chance to get together after the Christmas break and start the year off properly.

Of course, it wasn’t all just hard work and skiing. There was plenty of time for team bonding but not in the artificial ‘let’s build a raft’ guise – it was a lot more natural than that and we were able to discover new things about one another. For example, we had all heard about Luke’s expert skiing skills, but it turned out that he’s also an expert at having never-ending patience to stick it out with those of us less ski-savvy for hours each day and give us daily coaching (Alastair has considerably less patience but they do say business partners complement each other).

Alastair is an absolute photo and video guru and almost singlehandedly documented our team’s getaway. We can’t wait to see the edited video! On top of that, his omelettes are to die for (he makes a mean spaghetti and garlic bread too). Chris, is a cards game whizz, and introduced us to a few gems which we quickly got obsessed with (‘Steve’ being our favourite!). Maryna and her amateur acrobatics on the slopes managed to cause a bit of a drama on our last day with an unfortunate fall only 100 metres from the end of her last run, leading to having to be rescued on a stretcher by mountain rescue with an injured knee. However, as scary as the experience could have been, it was great to see how supportive the team were the whole way through. From distracting tactics with funny YouTube videos to sorting out insurance and hospital admin, to even literally carrying her back to the chalet – she could not have felt any more looked after! Let’s face it, nothing brings a team closer together like having to take turns piggybacking one of their own back from the medical centre (whilst carrying all of the heavy ski gear as well!).

Spending time together, sharing a few new experiences and even working towards a common goal have brought us closer together, and we could not be prouder to be part of team flinder! We’re already looking forward to next year, to reflect on the past year’s achievements and to see how we matched up to the objectives we set, not to mention getting the creative juices flowing in the fresh mountain air.

Thanks for reading – if you have any comments or questions on the above, or are interested in talking to us, please get in touch.

You can see our full week in pictures here.