flinder management information dashboard using Capsule CRM

bring your capsule crm data to life

all the power and flexibility of capsule crm with a flinder lens over the top – letting you and your team feel the data
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specific to your capsule environment

we work with you to understand the way you have tailored organisations, opportunities and custom fields in capsule and design management information specific to your strategy

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connect your people to your strategy

let people visualise their contribution to your strategy. making your metrics more visual helps your team be more productive, competitive and engaged in your overall business strategy

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improve through internal benchmarking

we can segment your data to allow you to better understand top performing or converting regions, teams, sectors & more so you more readily apply best practice across your entire business

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real time capsule reporting

no need to wait for a weekly or monthly report to be downloaded and filtered in excel, we make bespoke real time reporting possible by connecting direct to capsule crm

simple, transparent pricing for everyone (from just £500 per month)

flinder portal login screen on MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone

cloud based

anywhere, anytime

enjoy flexible working wherever you have an internet connection – no need for files or desktop applications, access on any device whenever and wherever you want.

real time

real time accounting does not yet exist, despite claims from software giants, it just doesn’t. however, we provide the closest thing – real time operational data combined with financial data as real time as possible.


integrating and getting access to your data is simple with flinder – we can connect to over 100 cloud applications via api, connect data from file sharing services, business databases or upload your computer files.

no infrastructure costs

using flinder rich management information cuts the cost of hardware – you simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cashflow.

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tailored to your business

aligned to your strategy

no two businesses are the same which is why we start by understanding your strategy in order to align your bespoke management information to what you really need.

linking kpis & metrics to your strategic objectives

we work with you by understanding your business objectives in order to identify relevant metrics to design your management information to your needs and the data sources in your business.

visually designed for you

we understand most entrepreneurs aren’t accountants so we visually design your management information in a user friendly way you understand, whether that’s reams of numbers or more likely visual interactions.

leading practice analysis & drill down

analysis at the right level is the key to getting the most out of your management information, we design and deliver your strategic management information which you can then drill down for increased transparency.

flinder recurring revenue management information dashboard with zoom in to revenue stream selection

view example management information

MacBook Air showing flinder management information blending financial and non financial information together

financial & non financial

integrating financial & non financial data sources

your finance application gives you basic financial reporting and your numerous operations applications give you disparate operational reporting. we bring all these relevant data sources together tailored for your business to create powerful rich management information to make more informed forward-looking decisions.

powerful decision-making metrics

combining financial and operational data together means we can drill into even more powerful metrics for your business for example number of customers and marketing costs can report on customer acquisition costs whereas without combining them you wouldn’t have this richness.

financial & non financial data segmentation

our accounting and data management expertise means we also help segment your data and better organise your data structures to provide even an richer understanding of your business, for example through correct data structures and combining financial & non financial we can report on customer acquisition costs by different segment i.e. a particular customer group, product category or advertising channel.

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