Head shot of Luke Streeter blue shirt and blue tie

luke streeter ACA

– flinder founding partner
– former PwC Senior Financepartner
if you’re wanting to get the best from your business in order to grow and succeed, then I can help you get to grips with what the numbers are telling you. I have a passion for start-ups, I love supporting exciting, ambitious founders and I am amazed by the number of fantastic ideas I see.
after spending the past nine years working with SMEs in London and the South East, I can make sure you’re set up to get the information and insight that you need, from data input through to making decisions on your board reports.
if you’re looking for the most effective way to grow and expand, then I can also help you understand how your management information reflects what is happening with your business – bringing information to life. with a strong network I can connect you through to any wider expertise you may need – from the latest developments in tax through to setting up internationally.
being a special constable keeps me busy but my other passion is skiing, I manage to get away a few times a year and I am a qualified ski instructor.


entertainment & media sector
management information
professional services sector
technical accounting
technology sector
finance system implementation
business partnering



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