improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your hr processes

hr management reinvented
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centralise records

a central location for all hr information with employee self service to keep everything up to date
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holiday management

manage holiday booking and absence allowances with a simple online approval process
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organise documents

keep employee documents safe & secure while also publishing company wide documents, policies & templates online
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tasks & reminders

manage day to day employee tasks from your hr dashboard with email reminders and onscreen notifications

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centralise records

employee management system

an online employee management system is a central hub for all hr and employee related information and administration. our hr application automates your basic human resource processes and helps you keep employee information up to date and available at the click of a button. comprehensive reporting allows you to monitor and support staff in a way like never before.

simple to use

with a user-friendly employee dashboard, our hr application can be easily accessed by all staff. employees can see their holiday allowance, request leave, log overtime, and stay up-to-date with company news and documents.

hr tasks made easy

our cloud based hr application opens up a whole new dynamic to hr management. gathering employee information, storing documents, managing performance reviews and dealing with the administration of staff absence is quick and easy to do. with centralised employee information, our hr application simplifies the most tedious of hr tasks giving you more time to concentrate on the strategic direction of the business.

holiday management

no more paper forms or messy spreadsheets

our hr application enables fast online holiday approval making employee holiday planning simple. Our employee leave management software provides small businesses with a central and seamless system. as an approver or manager you can view holidays booked and requests in progress by department, division or across the business enabling the approver to make more informed decisions based on conflicting holidays.

holiday allowances – simple calculations

being able to instantly view an employees holiday allowance makes managing requests easy and efficient. employees can have a clear overview of how their holiday is calculated and will always know how many days they have left for the year. with a fast online holiday approval process, employees and managers alike will notice a huge difference in making requests.

simple holiday requests

using our self-service workflow, employees can request holiday, managers can quickly approve it and a central record is kept so you know exactly when your team members are on leave.

simple, transparent pricing for everyone

organise documents

maintain compliance

document retention and privacy requirements for information under regulatory control is easily classified and verified in a click with our hr application.


with our document management software everything is stored online meaning you will both save money on paper and reduce your storage costs too (not to mention it’s good for the environment too!)

increased security

paper hr documents and filing systems are inherently less secure, more easily lost and unrecoverable in the event of fire or flood. using our cloud based hr application means all your documents are safe from natural disaster or theft. you’ll be able to manage online access to sensitive information to protect confidentiality.

document tracking

we make it easy to track who has read a document (and who hasn’t!). update a document and you can prompt employees to read the revised version in a few clicks and reminders to those that haven’t read it can be sent at the press of a button. alert notifications keep you one step ahead of all the critical certificate and renewal requirements.

tasks & reminders

simple to use

our user-friendly formats make sure no time is wasted getting started and with one dashboard to keep you informed, staying organised couldn’t be easier.

easily plan and prioritise tasks

you can easily see what needs doing first in the user-friendly dashboard. planning and organising your day is simple, and you’ll never lose sight of what’s important. managers can easily track tasks and see at a glance where things aren’t going to plan. tasks can easily be shuffled, reprioritised or reallocated to get projects back on track

user permission put you in control

user permissions allow you to grant or limit access to specific features, workflows and financial information, which means everyone has the right amount of information they need to get things done.

resource efficiency

planning resources and making the best use of employee availability is easy in our cloud based hr application.

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