are you an exciting startup?

need support but don’t have the funds?

pay nothing! we exchange fees for equity on a few select clients each year

technology-orientated businesses  |  brilliant founders  |  exchange services for 1 – 2% equity
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case by case

we review startups on a case by case basis and only invest in a few businesses each year to maintain a high level of mentoring support

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flinder services

in exchange for equity we provide all relevant flinder accounting services to make sure you are in the best possible shape for future growth and investment

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mentor programme

flinder capital businesses receive support through our mentor programme helping them with investor ready business plans, pitch rehearsals and much more

interested? keep going to find out more

grow your business with flinder

flinder services, mentoring and more

accounting services

we will take care of all your accounting needs including bookkeeping, VAT requirements and management accounts

rich management information

present your business in the most transparent way possible and understand better than ever through our rich management information

business plan

we will help you pull together your investor-ready business plan to give you the best platform for your next funding round


we will provide regular one to one mentorship, strategic business advice and challenge to each founding teams

scalability assessment

we will assess the scalability of your systems, processes and other aspects of your business needed to facilitate your growth

financial health check

we'll get your finance function, processes and other requirements in shape

pitch rehearsal

we know the questions investors will ask you, rehearsing gives you the best opportunity to get that investment


our backgrounds mean we have very strong networks across advisors and investors to help you grow

equity of 1 – 2% is indicative based on the services we would expect to provide to a startup at a pre seed or seed maturity phase for a 6 – 18 month period. however, we reserve the right to assess the complexity and needs of your business prior to agreeing any specific terms.

if you’re ready, contact one of our team to find out more

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